As a professional photographer for more than 15 years, I have carried out commissions in various fields such as sports, press, illustration, events, studio shooting (fashion, accessories, advertising, still life) as well as corporate communication.
In 2012 I graduated in graphic design in order to accompany my clients in all stages of the creative process until the realization. This dual role has enabled me to work in a wide variety of sectors (layout for the press, institutional and associative sectors; retouching and composition for e-commerce; catalogue for marketing).
The combination of my work as a graphic designer and photographer gives me a more global vision of the projects I take on, as well as a better understanding of my clients' expectations and needs. I have chosen not to specialise in a single area of expertise but rather to combine my two complementary skills in order to offer a high quality and versatile service. I like to define myself as a visual communication enthusiast, an image designer.

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