Graphic designer / DTP layout artist / Photo editor

In 2012, I graduated in graphic design in order to accompany my clients in all stages of the creative process until the final product. This dual role has allowed me to work in a wide variety of sectors (layout for the press, institutional, associations; retouching and composition for e-commerce; catalogue for marketing).

I am specialised in digital image processing, retouching and photo manipulation, and I have developed a taste for precision work, where I treat each pixel with all the care and attention to detail that an image or document requires.

Initially a DTP layout artist, the evolution of my career path has led me to work in a wide variety of sectors. It was at showroomprivé, the famous e-commerce website, that I trained in image composition and retouching. First as a studio photographer, then as a graphic designer, I still collaborate with this team that taught me so much.

Here is a selection of my composition and retouching work for the website


Retouche / retouching work

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