Born 1982 in Germany, I have been living in France since 1985. With my wife and son, we moved to Vienna in 2023.

I have been working as a photographer for more than 17 years, essentially for companies and professionals.

I'm also a graphic designer. Thanks to this double role, I provide a complete service for all projects of image creation or print and web communication tools.

my little story...

After three years of studying languages and sociology at the University of Montpellier, I decided to follow my heart. It was in my improvised laboratory bathed in red lights, discovering in wonder my first images slowly appearing in the developer that I decided to become a photographer.

My first school was Serge Gal's IMAGE-OUVERTE School of Photography. There I studied the legacy of Ansel Adams and his photographic ideals which still guide and influence me today.

The rest of my apprenticeship took place at the ETPA School of Photography in Toulouse, in Pierre Barbot's class. There I learned how to put my technique at the service of an idea, to develop an artistic approach, to strengthen my professional project.

In 2012 I graduated in Graphic Design in order to accompany my clients in all stages of the creative process until the final achievement.

Alternately photographer and graphic designer, this double hat has allowed me to work in a wide variety of sectors:
layout for the press, institutional and associative sectors, commercial photography, retouching and composition for the e-commerce industry, catalogue for marketing.

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