Why work with a freelancer?


Compared to a communications agency,
I offer competitive rates for equivalent quality.


As a experienced professional, I can respond quickly to a wide range of needs.


As a single point of contact, I'm able to monitor all aspects of your communication without any loss of quality.

My rates

as a commercial photographer

my rates start at 480€ for a half-day (4h), 960€ for a full day (8h). Prices for commercial shoots can vary widely depending on the complexity of the project and the rights of use.

as a graphic designer

my rates start at 240€ for a half-day (4h) and 480€ for a full day (8h) depending on the complexity of the project.

Tailor-made prices!

Contrary to popular belief, a communications campaign is expensive, requires investment and an expert approach to marketing and technical skills.

Every  project is unique and requires special attention, planning and budgeting.

That's why, depending on your needs, budget and/or desired deadline, I'll offer you a tailored, transparent solution.

Why these rates?

A freelancer determines the price of his services on the basis of his work and the time required to complete it.
This takes into account the payment of expenses and the purchase of equipment (computer, creative software, graphics tablet, camera, lighting, etc...)

The freelancer is at your disposal and does not benefit from any salary advantages: paid holidays, unemployment insurance, redundancy pay, insecurity bonus, etc...

By choosing a freelancer, you benefit from a flexible service and a great deal of freedom.

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